It's a story that sounds vaguely like the plot of the 2010 box office blunder Piranha 3D. A school of toothy piranhas attacked 100 beachgoers in Brazil over the weekend, sending them to a hospital in the northeastern Piaui state, according to local news source UOL Noticias.

The toothy predators, with a fearsome reputation, are most prevalent at Piaui's main beach area along the North Coast of Brazil.

Piranha attacks on humans are considered rare and, though they occasionally bite and injure swimmers, bites are considered more acts of carelessness than vicious attacks.


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An increase in reported bites began two months ago, according to UOL Noticias. However, over the weekend, there was a large spike.

By Monday, 100 bathers were treated for bites, mostly on the heels or toes. They were taken to a hospital in Jose de Freitas, near the capital of Piaui, Teresina, according to the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Since they have no predators, piranhas have started attacking people on the beach, Romildo Mafra, a local environment official, told The AFP.

Authorities began a program to reduce piranha overpopulation and added 100,000 tilapia to the local food chain.

A spokesman for the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources told The Daily Mail that there have been schemes to educate visitors about not throwing food into the water.

Environment officials plan to add an addition 200,000 fish over the next two months, including tilapia and peacock bass. They hope this will quell the predatorial fish's hunger needs.