Pizza Hut first gave British customers a treat by introducing a hot dog stuffed crust to their delivery menu. Now Middle Eastern customers are in for their own treat. They can have a pizza with a crust made of a ring of mini cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets.

The pizza itself is topped with beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and Pizza Hurt special sauce with mini cheeseburgers surrounding it in a circle. The food chain has dubbed it the 'Crown Crust Burger Pizza' because the shape of the pie so closely resembles a crown.

Can't decide on burger or pizza? Believe it or not you can have both! wrote Pizza Hut Middle East on their Facebook page. They called their creations the gem of all pizzas and suggested customers can now taste royalty.

The Facebook page features a photo of the pizza with the question Are you ready for a feast fit for a king?

For those who don't eat beef, Pizza Hut is offering a similar selection with chicken nuggets or gems. It's topped off with barbecue sauce and green peppers.

For the vegetarians out there, Pizza Hut has a 'Cheesy Bites Remix,' which has cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, and Mexican seasons stuffed into the crust.

Pizza Hut posted a meme of a fat cat splayed out on a couch with a caption, Yes, I ate the entire large crown crust pizza and it was worth every bite. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Pizza Hut is only offering the cheeseburger crust selection in their Middle Eastern stores.