PlayStation 4
Sony announced the PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, Feb. 20 in New York City. Reuters

On Wednesday, Sony announced the PlayStation 4, and while there is plenty to digest from the unveiling, one of the most important aspects of any console are the games that a user will play. Luckily, Sony announced some exciting new games to look forward to in addition to the PlayStation 4.

Wednesday night belonged to Sony’s PlayStation 4. After much speculation, some leaks and bated breath, the PS4 was announced, as previously reported by IBTimes. While there is no set release date yet, Sony did give those in attendance in New York, as well as the many people watching the live stream of the announcement, a look at some of the games that will be featured on the PS4.

“Knack,” “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” “Driveclub,” “Infamous: Second Son,” “Deep Down” and “The Witness” will be PS4 games, Sony said. A new “Final Fantasy” entry will be unveiled at E3 in June while Blizzard’s “Diablo III” will be heading to the PlayStation 3 and the PS4. Bungie’s next big game, “Destiny,” will also be a PS4 title, as will “Watch Dogs.”

“Knack” is being developed by Japan Studios, makers of “Ape Escape,” with the aid of lead PS4 architect Mark Cerny, reports Polygon. The game looks to be a stylized cartoonish adventure game and focuses on Knack, who can grow into a giant, and a war between goblins and humans. The trailer for “Knack” can be viewed below.

“Killzone: Shadow Fall,” is the latest entry into the popular PlayStation exclusive series and is “set 30 years after the events of the Killzone trilogy; the world of Killzone Shadow Fall is a very different place.” It features plenty of explosions and large game environments. “Killzone: Shadow Fall” is being developed by Guerilla Games and the announcement trailer is below.

“Driveclub” will be PS4’s first racing game, which are always great benchmarks to determine realism and graphics of a new system, and is being developed by Evolution Studios (“MotorStorm” series). “Driveclub” will feature real car licenses from manufacturers and will use many of the social features of the PS4, including the ability to set up races over the phone, reports Kotaku. Here is its trailer:

“Infamous: Second Son” is the next game in the “Infamous” series and will be a PS4 exclusive. “Infamous: Second Son” is in the hands of Sucker Punch and the focus will shift from Cole MacGrath to Delsin Rowe, who discovers he has superpowers. “Surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection.” The trailer:

Capcom announced “Deep Down,” a fantasy game for the PS4, notes Gamesradar. “Deep Down” will feature a new game engine, Panta Rhei, and the trailer featured plenty of action with warriors fighting off dragons. Here it is:

“The Witness” will be a PS4 exclusive and it looks to be a very unique puzzle game from Jonathan Blow, the creator of “Braid,” reports Eurogamer. “The Witness” will be an open world game much in the vein of “Myst.” The trailer:

“Watch Dogs” was announced by Ubisoft at last year’s E3 and at the PS4 announcement the developers showed off a new trailer of the game, reports Joystiq. Bungie recently announced “Destiny,” the next first-person shooter from the makers of “Halo.” The trailers for "Watch Dogs and "Destiny" can be viewed below.