Potential Church said it will celebrate Easter with over 40 services in 4 days. The church plans to kick off Easter with 7 services on Good Friday and 6 services on Glorious Saturday.

Easter Sunday begins early with a Sunrise Beach Baptism event at 6:00am in South Florida at Hollywood Beach and in North Florida at Pensacola Beach. Afterwards, a marathon of services -- 27 services across 6 locations -- will be taken up, it said.

Easter Sunday ends with a Sunset Beach Baptism in Lima at Barranco Beach at 5:00pm. Those working on Easter weekend can still have a chance to catch the final 2 Easter services on Wednesday night at 7:00pm, it said in a statement.

Pastor Troy Gramling, who heads the church says: We want everyone to have a chance to experience the joy of Easter with their family and friends, that is why we are having over 40 Easter services across our 6 campuses. Easter speaks the message of life, the power of the resurrection and second chance, so we will do whatever it takes to reach our communities with that message.

Potential Church is 8th fastest growing church in America according to Outreach Magazine and it has grown from 2,000 to over 13,000 with campuses located in Cooper City, Hallandale Beach, Miami, and Pensacola, FL as well as Lima and Peru, the statement said.