It’s no secret that several people wanted Ghost dead, but on “Power” Season 6, episode 12, viewers will learn about another plot against his life.

In the “He Always Wins” promo video, Ghost (Omari Hardwick) tells Paz that (Elizabeth Rodriguez) if he could trade his life for Angela’s (Lela Loren), he would.

“Paz, still grieving Angela’s death, seeks allies in the pursuit of justice or vengeance so, she forms an alliance with Warner (Jacob Warner),” the “Power” Season 6, episode 12 synopsis teases.

When Angela was shot to death, Ghost claimed he didn’t see the shooter. Paz was furious and suspected that Ghost either knew the identity of the shooter or had an idea who targeted Angela.

Either way, she blamed him for bringing Angela into his dangerous life and thought he is responsible for her sister’s death. It appears Paz will team up with Warner to take Ghost down, but will their plan take a deadly turn?

In the Starz promo video, Paz tells Ramona (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) she has no idea who Ghost is. Later on in the preview, Warner is seen telling someone that he is far from done. “They hatch a plan to arrest Ghost for the murder of Angela, but things don’t go as planned,” the “He Always Wins” synopsis says.

While Ghost thought he outsmarted everyone and was on his way to having a bright future in politics, Paz and Warner were busy plotting his demise. Could Warner and Paz be responsible for Ghost’s death, or did someone else kill the kingpin?

“Power” Season 6, episode 12 airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on Starz.

Ghost (Omari Hardwick) has a long list of enemies on “Power” Season 6, episode 12. Starz