Prince Charles reportedly spoiled the joy during Prince Harry’s christening.

There was an ongoing friction between the Prince and Princess of Wales during Prince Harry’s baptism. According to royal biographer Angela Levin in her book “Harry: Conversations with the Prince,” the royal mom felt that her ex-husband spoiled the fun at their son’s christening.

“There was almost no interaction between her [Diana] and Prince Charles but at one point he brusquely told her, ‘He’s dribbling’, and she quickly wiped Prince Harry’s chin,” Levin said .

The event reportedly became a sticking point for Princess Diana who “later revealed that even the joy of Harry’s christening was spoilt by Charles’s alleged tactlessness.” The People’s Princess revealed the same thing to Andrew Morton.

“Speaking to Andrew Morton in 1991 she [Diana] said: ‘Charles went to talk to my mother at Harry’s christening,” Levin recalled.

“We were so disappointed - we thought it would be a girl.’ ‘Mummy snapped his head off, saying: ‘You should realise how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.’”

Aside from the feud between Prince Harry’s parents, there were rumors that Princess Anne snubbed the event because Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not make her one of Prince Harry’s godparents. She was reportedly not happy that the Prince and Princess of Wales overlooked her as their youngest son’s godmother.

Princess Anne denied the snubbing incident. According to the Princess Royal, it was a great shame that they missed Prince Harry’s christening. However, she was only given the choice of one day and she already had prior commitment when she learned about the christening.

In related news, Prince Harry reportedly felt and looked “miserable and unhappy.” Levin also felt that Markle was unhappy and “incredibly sad.” At present, the royal expert felt that the couple couldn’t help each other.

Prince Harry also made a statement that didn’t sound well for the future kings. The Duke of Sussex said that being king was a curse, which alarmed Prince Charles and Prince William.

According to Melanie Bromley, Prince Harry was speaking out of turn. Prince Harry seemed to be saying that Prince Charles and Prince William’s future job and position were terrible.

William and Harry's close bond was cemented in the aftermath of their mother Diana, princess of Wales's shock death
William and Harry's close bond was cemented in the aftermath of their mother Diana, princess of Wales's shock death AFP / Johnny EGGITT