Harry and his elder brother William are reportedly no longer on speaking terms


  • A royal author said he believes King Charles wants to reconcile with Prince Harry
  • Robert Jobson said Prince William should "build bridges" with Harry if that's what King Charles wants
  • Jobson shared that he believes Prince William should "support" his father as the heir to the throne

A royal biographer believes Prince William should "support" King Charles III if his father wishes to reconcile with Prince Harry at the coronation next month, regardless of his alleged tensions with his younger brother.

British journalist Robert Jobson, author of the new book "Our King: Charles III: The Man and the Monarch Revealed," said in a new interview with GB News that Prince William should "build bridges" with Prince Harry at their father's upcoming coronation if that is King Charles' wish.

Host and British journalist Camilla Tominey noted that Jobson's new book suggested that King Charles hopes to mend his relationship with Prince Harry.

"[King Charles] refers to his son Harry as my darling boy and has done that all the way. Harry acknowledges that in his books, so I think, yes, he will try to have conversations with Harry. I'm sure he will," Jobson said.

The Duke of Sussex's relationship with the rest of the royal family has been strained since he and his wife Meghan Markle stepped back from royal duties in 2020.

Prince Harry's claims and revelations about his family in his memoir "Spare," Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan" and interviews in recent months sparked speculation that he would not be invited to or would choose not to attend his father's crowning ceremony in London on May 6, but earlier this month, Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of Sussex will be present at the historic event sans Markle.

Tominey asked the author whether he thinks Prince William would look "churlish" if he stands in the way of a potential reconciliation between his father and younger brother despite all Prince Harry has said about the royal family.

"That's between Harry and the King," Jobson responded. "They are old enough to sort it out themselves. It's clear that William is not very happy about it. But at the end of the day, he is sworn to the King, and if the King wants it, he should just get on with it. Make the King's life as easy as possible."

The expert continued, "It's going to be a short reign only because the King will be 75 in November. ... William will get his time. He will get his moment. [But] at this moment in time, he's the heir. Well, support your father, and if your father wants you to try to build bridges, build bridges."

However, some royal fans and social media users disagreed with Jobson and showed support for Prince William.

"Disagree with Jobson. The King can love his child, but that does not mean [that the] bad behavior at the level we have seen should be tolerated and that it should be rewarded by pretending everything is OK and [Harry] can return to things as they were," one person wrote in the comments section of the interview. "William is correct. Harry and his wife represent a definite danger to the monarchy and it needs to be taken seriously. Meghan has pushed things along, but Harry is the one with the axe to grind. That's not going away overnight."

"So many excuses for the King, and yet William just needs to get on with it and support the King? Seems a little harsh and unfair to me... Why should William, who has done not a thing wrong, be the sacrificial lamb? Seems to me Charles and Harry are the two that like to do exactly what they like," another commented.

"I disagree. William isn't the one who needs to bend over and let Harry and Meg get away with their disgusting immoral allegations and abuses," a third user claimed.

Meanwhile, Lady Victoria Hervey previously commented on the relationship between King Charles' two sons. In her opinion, Prince Harry is sabotaging his relationship with Prince William.

"I think Prince Harry is self-sabotaging his relationship with his brother so much so that it has now become Cain and Abel," the English model and aristocrat told the Mirror U.K. last month. "It's becoming a bit of a blood sport. Harry is getting himself closer and closer to being exiled. I think he's only one or two steps away from that happening."

Revelations from Harry's book included an allegation that heir to the throne Prince William pushed him to the ground in a row in 2019