Keeping a snake as a pet may not be for everybody, but it is in some households. These animals are not like dogs or cats that can be domesticated; snake owners can't bring them on walks nor have them learn tricks.

Still, snakes can be good pets for people who want to have them as one, and of course, it goes without saying that they know how to handle one.

But what if a snake comes to your home uninvited? It's another story that can will go beyond the box of having one as a constant companion, but it's exactly what happened when a Carpet python decided to drop by a house in Queensland, Australia.

Representational image Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

If finding a python in one's home isn't creepy enough, a post by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said that the reptile actually came from “inside the roof space” before it fell and landed on the family's bed. Luckily, no one was on the bed when the slithering serpent came crashing down. Things would have been much different if a member of a family was sleeping at that time.

The Facebook post continued that the snake “looked pretty comfy on the bed” when the wranglers arrived on the scene. Somewhow, the python found its way on the light fitting of the housed and relaxed. Unfortunately, the ceiling couldn't handle its weight and gave in.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, which also offers a number of services including snake removal and relocation, home, yard, and roof and ceiling inspection, was able relocate the Carpet phyhon (Morelia spilota) after it was captured.

Its post also came with a photo of the python, and it actually looked comfy on the homeowner's bed. It is, however, a very long reptile and could give anyone a scare had there been people in the room.

Since it was published by the group last Saturday, the post has garnered more than eight hundred mixed reactions and close to one hundred forty shares from its followers.

Scrolling down their Facebook page, the group caught another Carpet python when they were called after the snake was spotted “relaxing in the sun on a family's back fence.”

“Stu” was also able to capture two male Carpet pythons “fighting each other” over what be believed to be a female in the area over the past week. He added that spring is just around the corner, and snake sightings will be a common occurance over the next few months.