Queen Elizabeth II will reportedly give her power to her heir, Prince Charles.

Ann-Louise Holland, an astrologist of Venus and Vesta, talked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming baby and the future of the monarchy. According to her, the planets are aligned for a major change to happen within the royal family.

“I must say, with the move of planet Uranus into Taurus, I’m expecting the queen to devolve power to Prince Charles any day now,” she told Daily Star.

“Prince Charles and the Queen have a connection which Uranus, the planet of change, is sitting on now, I am totally waiting for her to devolve power to him because of this,” she continued, before adding that “then they all move up a level.“

There have been talks in the past that Queen Elizabeth II would make Prince Charles a prince regent that will make the Prince of Wales a “king in all but name.” An insider supported the claim by describing the changes within the members of the Firm.

“The changes are starting, and although they are small changes, more to follow,” the insider told the publication.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson claimed in his new book “Charles at 70: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams” that the apparent heir is already the prince regent. Some sources close to Her Majesty also said that when Queen Elizabeth II reaches the age of 95 she will make a monumental decision of allowing Prince Charles to officially take over the stewardship of her reign.

Queen Elizabeth II will transfer all of her executive power to her son as the prince regent until her death. By doing so, she will fudge the issue of her not fulfilling her Coronation Oath to God where she promised to serve as the queen until her last breath.

Back in December, Prince Charles took over Queen Elizabeth II’s major role at the funeral of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush. Usually, the Queen attends the event but that time, she handed it down to her son which prompted many to believe that the Duke of Cornwall is already preparing to be the next king.

Nicholas Bieber claimed that there will be a big takeover on April 21, 2021. He added that there were already major preparations ahead of the said event.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles pose with officers during an official visit to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Hyde Park Barracks on October 24, 2017 in London. Getty Images/Chris Jackson