Aniston Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attend Jason Bateman's star unveiling ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California, July 26, 2017. Getty Images/Valerie Macon

Jennifer Aniston did not get "upset" and "emotional" after a run-in with her estranged husband Justin Theroux at a restaurant, despite claims. OK! magazine reported last week that the actress' encounter with Theroux didn’t go well.

“Jen was having a great time with friends until she spotted Justin,” an alleged insider claimed, adding Theroux made no effort to acknowledge the actress. “It was really hurtful. Jen just wanted to get out of there, so they paid the check and started to leave.”

The source said when Aniston was leaving she heard Theroux laughing, and “all of the emotions came rushing back and Jen was in tears.” The source added the actress’ friends huddled around her and escorted her to her car, adding, “When the chauffeur drove away from the eatery, it was clear that Jen was very upset.”

However, Gossip Cop reported that Aniston's representative called the report "fabricated."

A similar "false" report had surfaced in October on Woman’s Day Australia magazine claiming Aniston broke down in tears after a run-in with Brad Pitt at a restaurant. The premise of the story was very similar to the OK! magazine report.

According to an unreliable source, Aniston was “visibly distressed as she left a Hollywood bistro” as she had an unexpected encounter with her ex-husband. The claim came after weeks of rumors surrounding Aniston and Pitt's reunion. However, none of the claims are true.

“Jennifer was in the middle of her meal when she looked up and saw Brad on the other side of the restaurant. It came as a complete surprise and her mood instantly switched from cool and calm to anxious and upset,” the source said. “Instead of going over and greeting him, Jen decided it would be best to make a beeline for the door. She clearly couldn’t face the emotion of seeing Brad so made her excuses and bolted.”

Since Aniston's split from her husband in February, several rumors surfaced about her dating life and marriage plans. Most recently, there have been rumors that Aniston is desperately looking for a boyfriend. A report claimed she was developing a new romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, but just after Gossip Cop debunked the report, another "made-up" story surfaced linking the 49-year-old to Alex Rodriguez. There have also been false reports about Aniston and Pitt planning to get married and having a "miracle baby."