• A developer has created a handy tool for investors
  • The tool, Crypto Predictor Bot, is now available for download
  • It offers a forecast of crypto asset price

Despite the market downturn and high volatility risk, investors are still drawn to cryptocurrency investment, hoping to strike gold and become quick crypto riches as advertised by many influencers flaunting their Lamborghinis and mansions on various social media platforms. And what better way to get rich quickly and combat high volatility than to have a handy tool that can forecast the price of your investment?

A Reddit user who goes by the name u/xk4rimx shared on the TelegramBots subreddit that they have developed a Telegram-based bot that can forecast crypto assets' prices. Along with a video of the tool called Crypto Predictor Bot, the Redditor shared a link that users can visit to download the bot.

"The bot is hosted on a premium Heroku dyno, and uses Firebase database," the bot creator added. Heroku Dynos are the building blocks that power PaaS Heroku and are described as "isolated, virtualized Linux containers" to execute code as commanded and specified by users. The Telegram-based crypto predictor bot is easy to use with the step-by-step instructions users can easily follow.

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Bitcoin’s price change during COVID-19 ScienceDirect

Users who want to learn the price of Bitcoin simply need to key in "/pred btc d" and they will receive an immediate reply showing a one-day price prediction of the world's largest crypto asset by market capitalization. Of course price predictions of other crypto assets are available as well, including different periods ranging from one-day, weekly and monthly price forecasts.

Simply changing the letter "d" with "w" or "m" will allow the users to see different price predictions for varying periods. Another interesting feature of the Crypto Predictor Bot is the ability to provide a forecast on the number of Ether coins one Bitcoin will be worth in the next day, next week, or next month.

On its Telegram channel, the bot prides itself as a handy tool that can predict the "price [will] of your favorite cryptocurrencies be in a specific period." It is worth noting that this is just a predictor and consumers who want to use this should not rely on the figures it gives since what it gives is just a forecast and not the actual price of the crypto asset.

Crypto Predictor Bot is not the first to claim that it can predict cryptocurrency prices. In fact, apps that offer the same function are rife on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Some of these are Lambo Time, Coin Signals, CryptoGAG, BitNeuro Trading, FRCST, The Crypto App and Forevervcast Stocks Prediction, to name a few.