Articles by Duncan Hewitt

Duncan Hewitt is Shanghai correspondent for Newsweek/IBT Media. He was previously a BBC correspondent in Beijng and Shanghai, and also worked for the BBC World Service in London, focusing on East and Southeast Asia. He studied Chinese at Edinburgh University, and first lived in China in the late 1980s. His book ‘Getting Rich First – Life in a Changing China’ (Vintage UK, 2008) looks at the social changes unleashed by China’s economic reforms. 


Soros Warns Over China’s Credit Boom

Investor George Soros said the country’s credit-fueled development bore a resemblance to the situation in the U.S. at the start of the financial crisis.
Shanghai Housing

China’s Real Estate Conundrum: Boom And Bust

Parts of China are saddled with millions of unsold apartments, while major cities are facing a growing property bubble. Can the government strike the right balance and maintain growth?

Chinese Home Prices Rise Dramatically

Prices in 70 cities rose an average of 4.9 percent in March from 12 months ago, but prices still fell in 29 cities, with unsold inventory a major problem.

China Blocks Debate On Allegations

Beijing blocked references to claims that senior officials’ families had offshore accounts, and accused Western media of political motives.

Chinese Factories Recovered In March

Official data showed the country’s manufacturing sector rebounded into positive territory, with export orders rising, but experts warned that it's too early to say the country's economic troubles...