Articles by Matthew Cunningham-Cook

Somebody's got their hand in the cookie jar. 


'A Generation Of Indentured People'

Vice President Joe Biden played a key role in the financial industry’s four-decade campaign to eliminate bankruptcy protections for student debtors.
John Kasich

Meet 2016's Lehman Brothers

GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush and John Kasich left government for the doomed bank — and got big paychecks as Lehman lost their states’ money.
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'A Well-Calculated Evasion'

A Democratic Party financier's firm received $1 billion in Illinois pension cash after he and his wife donated to a political action committee.

'It's A Pot Of Gold'

The U.S. Senate quietly passed a bill on Wednesday that lets public education money for low-income kids flow to financial consulting firms.


British high-street retail giant Marks & Spencer has warned that the Brexit trade deal will 'significantly impact' its businesses in the Czech Republic, Ireland and France

UK Exporters Consider Burning Goods

Brexit has driven return rates to 30% with surprise surpcharges and then stopped the goods at the border, trapping them behind massive fees.