After acquiring, Google could not resist the temptation to test it ASAP and there goes out an invite to select few to attend an event on Wednesday of high fashion in fusion with the high tech.

Google has long eyed the retail market and fashion with an estimated $140 billion could not escape its attention. The acquisition of has given Google the required tech-edge with image-recognition technology which will provide consumer enormous choice comparing fashion garments instantly and buy them online, sans those tiresome frequent trips to malls or shopping streets.

Google is reportedly trimming up its new website to be launched soon from the platform. It is password protected and a guest is not entertained. The site says: private beta. Tech Crunch says the new website may soon sell boutiques offered by renowned designers and retailers.

Very soon Google, backed by its latest acquisitions and updating its erstwhile Froogle or product search tool, will be entering the field swayed by Amazon and eBay.

eBay, which has launched its iPhone app for fashion recently and a site to feature street fashion known as Look Book, will be gearing up for a larger than expected giant in the vicinity.