Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together: Karrueche Tweets Pic Of Kiss With Breezy [PHOTO]

The rumor mill has been whirring for months on end while Rihanna and Chris Brown hinted at the possibility that the two R&B stars were secretly dating. But while RiRi bounces from man to man, Breezy appears to be happily dating his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The two recently travelled together to Australia where they shared a sunset smooch, and it wasn't long before Karrueche posted a photo of the embrace on Twitter. Was her tweet a subtle jab at Rihanna?

The Vietnamese model, who is travelling with Breezy to Australia as he jumps from city to city, touring with the Hip-hop festival, Supafest, posted the picture along with the message, head over heels.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is also out of the country, house hunting in London in preparation for a summer full of concerts in England as well as a new fashion TV show to be filmed in the UK.

Rihanna and Chris Brown dated publicy in 2009, but broke up on the worst of terms after Chris Brown physically abused her in a police case that quickly went public. The official police reports recounting RiRi's traumatic night were released earlier this year.

But that didn't seem to phase Rihanna, who was seen leaving Chris Brown's Grammy dressing room a few months ago sporting a coy grin as well as a disheveled outfit.

Since then RiRi and Breezy have been rumored to be secretly dating, while in public Rihanna started an all out internet tug-of war with Karrueche over Chris Brown. In the end Karrueche began to receive threatening text messages from Rihanna's fans, making her afraid to leave her house alone.

It looked like the entire love triangle had settled down when Rihanna was romantically linked to Ashton Kutcher, but soon afterward Ashton backed off after he was apparently threatened by both Chris Brown and Breezy's good friend P. Diddy.

Now Rihanna is back on the market, and it looks like Karrueche may be worried that RiRi will try to steal Chris Brown away again, leading her to post the picture of their romantic kiss as a not-so-friendly reminder to Rihanna.

The message? We're in love so back off!