Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Together: RiRi Moving To London To Escape Breezy?
It looks like Rihanna may have finally had enough when it comes to Chris Brown and the drama surrounding their much criticized on-again-off-again relationship. Now it turns out that the R&B star will be retreating to London for the summer where she's lined up a few concerts and is overseeing a new reality show, far away from Chris Brown and his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Reuters

While celebrating her grandmothers Birthday on Saturday in Brooklyn, Rihanna took a break from tweeting photographs of the festivities to post the some lyrics from Reggae hit Just One Of Those Days, by contemporary Reggae musician Sizzla Kalonji.

Dry cry, even tears...even my heart cries, but who cares?! Whose fault? No one, but myself, she wrote, moments later adding, Wordz can't explain!

Sizzla's song tells the story of a troubled relationship. Rihanna quoted the first few lines of the song, which goes on to describe a romance beyond the human reasoning, joy mixed with pain.

Just One of Those Days, tells the story of a relationship that has already ended, while the singer expresses his feelings of loss and struggles to fully let go of the lingering memory. Rihanna's decision to quote Sizzla suggests that her relationship with Chris Brown may finally be over.

Listen to the full Reggae song below. What do you think Rihanna's quoting the lyrics means?