Renata Glasc - League of Legends
Renata Glasc - League of Legends Riot Games


  • Inactive Riot accounts are due to be deleted soon
  • Users can opt out of the account deletion by contacting Player Support 
  • Any inactive account that has spent money on a game will not be deleted

Riot Games has announced that it will remove unused accounts as part of its attempt to improve the overall security and privacy across its games.

The details surrounding this mass account deletion were revealed in a recent post from Riot's official website. In their short PSA, the developers explained the criteria and the reasoning behind their decision to remove very specific player accounts from their databanks. This will affect the accounts' access to all of Riot's games.

"We want to respect players' decisions and privacy by removing their data," Riot Games said, adding that they only want to keep user data for as long as necessary.

Valorant's latest Initiator, Fade
Valorant's latest Initiator, Fade Riot Games

According to the company, an account will be considered "inactive" if it has not logged in to any of Riot's games, websites or applications for more than three years. Users who have logged in to any one of these properties recently, even without having played a game, will not be considered inactive.

Additionally, if an account meets all of the following conditions, then it will become eligible for permanent deletion:

  • Has not logged in for three years or more
  • Account has less than 20 hours of playtime
  • It does not own any rare or limited-edition game entitlements
  • The account has never purchased premium game currency
  • It has never earned any free in-game currency

The majority of Riot's playerbase will likely not be affected by this sweep since anyone who plays any of Riot's games is bound to have earned at least a single point of in-game money. This move is specifically targeting accounts that have either been forgotten or have been left unused for a significant length of time.

Users will receive an email notifying them of their Riot account's imminent deletion. To prevent this from pushing through, they can contact Riot's Player Support center, log in to their account and then follow the instructions that appear so they can opt out of the account deletion.

Riot had previously added 2FA in order to boost the security of accounts across all of their games. While inactive account deletion won't directly affect active players, it at least shows the company's dedication to preserving data privacy.

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Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger Riot Games