Riot Games has announced that they will be remaking a host of older "League of Legends" champions in order "to bring them to today's standards." Translation: they'll likely be remaking old "LoL" champions to make them more competitive against newer ones.

Several "League of Legends" developers and designers will be on hand at PAX Dev in Seattle to discuss the "LoL" champion remakes this Saturday, August 31 at 5 p.m. PDT. The panelists will include Riot Games' Ryan Scott, Lead Content Designer, Michael Maurino, Senior Concept Artist, Josh Singh, Senior Character Artist, Randy Begle, Creative Designer and Kory Dearborne, QA Analyst.

This is long overdue. The newer "LoL" champions made and released by "Riot Games" have made it difficult for many who played/favored older "LoL" champions to hold their own in games stuffed with newer champions, several of which are vastly superior when compared to the old guard.

For instance Cho'Gath, used to be much more durable when his "Feast" ultimate spell gave him significantly more health per stack. Cho'Gath's Carnivore passive also used to give him significantly more health and mana per unit killed. With those two skills substantially nerfed, Cho'Gath's decreased durability has made it tough for Cho'Gath players to stand up newer champions like Jayce.

Jayce could easily harass foes using his Shock Blast spell, and its absurd range (1,050) to damage enemy champions while staying way out of harm's way. How can Cho'Gath, or really any other champion, compete with that? Let's not forget that when Shock Blast is combined with Acceleration Gate, which increases the movement speed of Shock Blast by 40 percent, it's that much harder for "LoL" players to avoid being harassed while not being able to retaliate, especially if they're playing against Jayce in a 1 vs. 1 situation.

Older "LoL" champions like Twitch, who used to be able stay invisible for a lot longer than his current maximum of 8 seconds, desperately need a remake in order to stay relevant. Ashe, who is completely dependent on her items in order to have any meaningful impact on "LoL" games, needs a revamp so that she can at least has a chance to win a fight versus a newer "LoL" champion like Draven, who absolutely wipes the floor with older "LoL" champions like Ashe and Twitch and others. It also doesn't help Ashe and Twitch they're about as durable as off-brand tissues, which is not the case for newer ranged AD "LoL" champions like Draven, Graves, and Jayce. One way or another, this needs to change.

We're glad to hear that Riot Games will be paying some attention to the older section of its "Lol" champions roster. We only hope that the changes Riot makes will make these champons better. Making older "LoL" champions viable in the face of new terrors would only make "League of Legends" more fun to play, and would be good for business in the long run.

What do you think? Which older "LoL" champions do you think will get remakes and why? What specific changes to "LoL" champions do you want to see and why? Sound off in the comments below.