Ryan Henderson
Nolan Ryan Henderson, the Jackson State University freshman who was killed Sunday at an off-campus pool party, was allegedly gunned down by his cousin in a tragic twist of fate, the Jackson, Miss, Police Department said. Instagram

The family of Ryan Henderson, the Jackson State University freshman from Atlanta who was shot and killed Sunday at an off-campus housing complex during an argument, is blaming the school's football team for his death.

Henderson, 19, bumped into a JSU football player at the off-campus pool party at an apartment complex, which sparked an argument that led to his killing, even though Henderson apologized.

The football player did not want to leave it at that. From the witness's report, [the football player] was looking for a fight. They jumped on [Ryan,] they beat him up, Ryan's mother, Sonja Henderson said in an interview with WJTV in Jacskon, Miss., after the family held a vigil for Ryan at the JSU campus.

There have been no arrests in the case and the school community, as well as Ryan's family, are urging those with knowledge of Ryan's killing to come forward. Some have gone so far as to say the JSU football team is covering up the murder by not cooperating with police, even though the Jackson Police Department has interviewed several witnesses from the party.

Fellow JSU student Chris Davis called the incident horrible.

He was 19. You haven't even experienced any of your life at that age, Davis said.

The case has so outraged the Henderson family that they have spearheaded an investigation separate from the Jackson police.

Those cowards were the perpetrators that started this, Sonja Henderson said, referring to the football players.

But the school came together Monday night to hold a candlelight vigil in Ryan's memory along with a Stop the Violence rally.

Ryan meant the world to me, he was my best friend, said his younger brother, according to wmctv.com.

JSU President Dr. Carolyn Meyers urged the campus to take a solemn vow against violence in wake of Ryan's killing.

Ryan's death and the circumstances of the killing have gained wide visibility on Twitter, where users are using a Justice For Ryan hashtag to bring attention to his case.

Some users claim the JSU football team is covering up Ryan's murder while others are just saying they're not being helpful in the case.

This whole matter is sad i was up to 4 this morning reading up on this story... #JusticeForRyan, tweeted @ChanniesBlack.

A number of Twitter users pleaded for celebrities to use their influence to help bring justice for Ryan, including Oprah Winfrey and P. Diddy.

Ryan Henderson was murdered at #jsu in cold blood and we want justice to be serve can you help get the word out #JusticeForRyan, wrote @ImDatMFGuy to P. Diddy.