Sasha Baron Cohen as "The Dictator"
Sasha Baron Cohen--in full character as "The Dictator" shows off the urn full of "Kim Jong-il's ashes" that he spilled on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars 2012 red carpet. Seacrest later said the powder was either flour or pancake mix. Reuters

Ryan Seacrest has responded to Sacha Baron Cohen's Oscars 2012 red carpet stunt, in which Cohen--in full character from his forthcoming film The Dictator--spilled a powdery substance he called Kim Jong-il's ashes on Seacrest's tuxedo. Scroll to the bottom for videos of the stunt and Ryan Seacrest's reaction.

Seacrest released a video on Sunday of him recovering just minutes after the incident, in which he is seen in a fresh tux jacket just moments after being covered in what he said seemed to be either some sort of flour or pancake mix.

He says that his mother always told him to bring an extra tuxedo jacket to any red carpet event, and it appears that he discovered why she distributes such sage advice, as his jacket ended up coated in powder.

Ryan Seacrest also made a joke about how even after changing he still had pancakes all over his shins and shoes, and that it was ironic that he had been trying all week to cut out carbs in order to fit into his tux, and here he was covered in carbs anyway.

Seacrest also discussed the insane moment with Sasha Baron Cohen, who was bedecked in a white, Kaddafi-esque costume and full beard, on his raido show Monday morning:

I was surprised, but not surprised. Seacrest said, according to Entertainment Weekly. I definitely did not know he was going to do that.

He goes on to explain that he knew there was going to be a weird exchange with the Borat star, but that he didn't know what exactly was going to take place:

He comes over, and I asked him a couple of questions, but... You know that feeling in your gut. You feel like, 'This is going too normally,' Seacrest said. I saw the urn coming up. It was getting closer to my chest, and then it tipped over, and it wasn't the wind. He spilled it on my tuxedo.

Watch the video below if you missed the insanity and want to see for yourself why Sasha Baron Cohen's Oscars 2012 red carpet stunt aimed at Ryan Seacrest immediately became a viral sensation after the 84th Academy Awards:

And here's a video of the stunt itself: