For the past nine years, one Fort Worth, Texas elementary school had misspelled its own name and issued a correction this week.

During the 2003-2004 school year, Sunrise Elementary School wanted to honor the first teacher at their school, Mary McMillan, who eventually went on to become principal. However, the school changed the name to Sunrise-McMillian Elementary School, adding an extra i to the last name of the woman the district wanted to honor.

Recently, a relative of McMillan's reached out to Forth Worth Independent School District and brought the mistake to their attention. On Monday, the school district changed the name on the building to its proper spelling, reported Daily Mail.

Oh, I was kind of shocked, said volunteer Ernie Johnson, according to NBC. I hadn't paid it any mind.

Johnson said he waters the grass for the school every day, but he never noticed the misspelling. In fact, he did not even realize it was misspelled.

Everything associated with the school was misspelled, including business cards, signs, logos and even the Facebook page, reported NBC. This could be a long process to fix every instance.

The principal of the school, Marion Mouton, said he and his staff keep coming across more misspellings.

Just thinking, 'Wow, all the things we have to do now to fix one mistake,' he told MyFox Forth Worth.

Mouton said that even his name badge had the wrong spelling.

It's going to be hard for the teachers to get used to not having the 'i' in there. Just got an email today saying, 'Okay, how's our name actually spelled?' he said

But it didn't stop there. Even Google Maps points to McMillian Elementary school, reported Fox.

A spokesman for the school said they are working hard to correct all of the errors, but it is a long and difficult process.

It has to be changed at the TEA. It has to be changed on letterhead and we're going through that process right now, said Clint Bond, FWISD's spokesman, reported Fox.

Mouton said that he did not believe correcting the name of the school would cost much, but they are working on ways to keep the price down, reported NBC.

Jouet Dotson said she came up with a quick idea on how to remember the new name.

You know how we say there's no 'i' in team? said Dotson, reported NBC. We could say, 'Well, [at] Sunrise-McMillan, we're a team, so there is no 'i' in the last part of McMillan.'

Some teachers are using this as a learning experience for their students. School counselor Anita Ruffin-Hawthorn said that now this will encourage students to perform one quick task before submitting a final project.

Check your work, she said.