• Carper apprently had trouble unmuting his mic during the virtual hearing of the 
  • Senate Homeland Security Committee
  • DeJoy was testifying to allay concerns changes at the post office would undermine election voting by mail
  • Carper almost lost his turn to question DeJoy

Friday’s virtual questioning of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy by members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee about changes at the U.S. Postal Service had its lighter moment amid allegations operational changes will undermine mail delivery for the November election.

When it was Sen. Tom Carper’s turn to question DeJoy, the Delaware Democrat appeared to have trouble unmuting his mic. It took so long, Committee Chairman Ron Johnson prepared to move on to the next questioner.

Suddenly, Carper popped up on the screen as a person over his right shoulder reached for his mouse.

The first words out of his mouth: “F---, f---, f---.”

Apparently, the mic was live.