• "Shiba Eternity" was launched in October 2022
  • PlaySide Studios developed the collectible card game for Shiba Inu
  • The game recently received a new update

"Shiba Eternity," the first-ever collectible card game (CCG) developed by PlaySide Studios, has received a new patch that fixes multiple issues and improves the game further.

Following its official release in October 2022, "Shiba Eternity" has so far received several patches to improve the game and deliver a smooth gaming experience to its users.

The latest patch, which was shared on Twitter by a user who uses the handle @Materocks, was dropped on Jan. 19 and came with a changelog to the game's 1.1.6 version.

Based on the patch note, the latest "Shiba Eternity" update contains various fixes, and with them, "quests rerolls now function as expected for all accounts," "mastery now functions correctly for spells that split their damage randomly, adding one more instance of damage" and "stun effects will work as expected when stunning an already stunned target."

The developers also made sure that "cards that steal the opponent's weapon now function correctly. (All players must promise to steal responsibly)."

It is also worth noting that "blocked users will no longer be able to send undeniable friend request notifications," and decentralization "will no longer decentralize existing alpha effects on its targets." As for Heroes and Sheroes, they now "correctly triggers its adjacency effect [sic]."

Moreover, with "Shiba Eternity" 1.1.6, "some fighters that have draw effects no longer have unexpected behavior when drawing cards at the start of your turn" and "cards that destroy themselves after a delay will no longer instantly die when purified and overload will work as expected when applied via knockout effects."

With the latest update, the Overload "works to the AI masters [sic], so it now functions correctly during practice matches" and chests will now "have their cost set correctly while another chest is opening."

Shiba Eternity
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Aside from these, the latest "Shiba Eternity" update "fixed an issue that would crash the game during deck editing." In addition, "editing a deck with foil cards will now properly display whether or not they can be added."

Interestingly, this is not the only good news about Shiba Inu's CCG. The team previously announced that regular "Shiba Eternity" players, as well as Shiba Inu holders, can now offer ideas for the game.

The developers reportedly rolled out a new area in the official "Shiba Eternity" Discord where users can submit their ideas. Devs could use these contributions to further improve the game by modifying the design of in-game cards.