"Sister Wives" Season 6 finale spoilers
Meri Brown (second from left) opens up to her family about her struggles during the Season 6 finale of "Sister Wives." TLC

The Brown family packed their bags for Alaska during the Season 6 finale of “Sister Wives,” hoping to beat the Las Vegas heat. But little did the plural family know that they would end up getting burned when Meri, Kody’s first sister wife, laid down the sizzling truth about her emotional affair in the anticipated episode.

The finale, titled “Meri Catfished,” kicks off with the family stating how wonderful their family vacation to The Last Frontier has been, from Caleb asking Kody for permission to marry Maddie to revealing the gender of Robyn's baby.

“Best vacation with the family ever!” Kody, patriarch of the polygamist clan, says while out to eat with his four sister wives. But their joyous group date is interrupted when Meri announces to her family that she has something to share with them -- something dark.

“I’ve needed to have a conversation with Kody and my sister wives for a while. So, now that we’re sitting here at dinner maybe I should do it now,” Meri says in a confessional, adding that she’s reluctant to bear bad news and bring the family down from their happy high.

“You all know that I’ve been struggling with stuff lately,” Meri begins to tell her family. “I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that when Mariah left for college -- if that set me in this weird place.”

The finale then cuts to Meri explaining in a confessional that she’s felt very lonesome since her and Kody's only daughter together left for college.

“I just feel alone, isolated, lonely. I don’t feel like anybody in the family can relate,” she starts. “I wake up in the mornings and I turn the music on just so I can have some noise in the house. It’s quiet. It’s lonely. I just feel lonely. I’m just alone so much of the time.”

So, Meri says that due to feeling alone, she looked for comfort -- online. “I got into this place where I was talking to different people on social media I got into this situation [where I was] talking to one person who really made me trust him.” This mystery man was very “kind, compassionate and understanding” to Meri during a time when she needed it the most.

“I started talking to this person online and we laughed. It was like I felt this release and it just felt really good to laugh,” she says, adding that although she “loved the friendship” that she had with her online companion, the relationship eventually turned into something more emotional.

“He was really starting to make me feel love for who he was portraying himself to be. It was really confusing because I was really caring for him, too. It was probably one of the most confusing situations I’ve ever been in because I’m sitting here married and I’m feeling these other emotions, directed toward somebody else.”

Even though Meri says that she doesn’t believe that there’s only one person in the world someone could possibly love, she wouldn’t act on her feelings toward her Internet suitor -- especially because she could sense that there was something off with his story.

“There were times early on that I was talking to him that I knew he was feeding me a line of bulls---. I knew this within the first week of talking to him. But I chose to ignore it because I enjoyed talking to somebody,” she says through tears.

That’s when Meri explains she started to do a bit of detective work.

“I started looking into him. And there were way too many holes [in his story]. Way too many questions that he couldn’t answer. And when I would ask him about it, he would flip out -- become verbally abusive with me and all this time he wouldn’t meet me,” she says.

Kody’s wife eventually figured out that she wasn’t talking to a man on the phone -- but a woman.

“I believe that it was a woman pretending to be a man. It was a woman who had been watching me online and I feel like I have been targeted and I feel like my family has been targeted,” Meri says, noting that she pushed her family away because she felt like that was the only way she could protect them.

Janelle, Christine and Robyn all note during the Season 6 finale that they felt like Meri had distanced herself from the family and weren't sure why.

“She’s been lost for a long time,” Christine admits. “For at least [the last] six months.”

As Meri expresses her struggles to her family during their dinner, her fellow sister wives remain supportive, even when Meri warns them that she may pack up her belongings and leave.

“My first reaction was, ‘What? You’re just going to run away?” Janelle says, revealing that although she and Meri have their issues she still very much cares about her sister wife.

Kody’s first wife states that although she loves how supportive her sister wives are, they have “no idea” what danger she's exposed them and the rest of her family to.

“The biggest concern that I have through all of this is what my family is going to think of me and feel about it and what they’re going to want to do with me,” Meri then mentions how Kody has stay tight-lipped during her dinner table reveal and it’s because he’s fearful that her heavy struggles have been caused by him.

“Meri is saying she’s really struggling [and] feels like she lost her identity. And it’s weird, some of the words she’s saying sounds like she’s leaving or something. I don’t know what to make of this,” the patriarch of the Brown family says. “I’m gathering from this [that] that she doesn’t want to be married to me anymore but that she still wants to be in this family. I’m afraid to ask her -- I’m afraid she’s she going to get in my face and say, ‘This is you.’ ”

Fans of “Sister Wives” can tune in to the two-hour special, which is set to air Sunday, Nov. 22, at 8 p.m. EST on TLC, to learn more about Meri Brown's online affair and how her family reacted to the scandal.