"Sister Wives" Season 6 Tell All Spoilers
The Brown family addressed all their wild moments from Season 6 of "Sister Wives" during the two-hour "Tell All" special. TLC

On Sunday night, the Brown family gathered together to discuss all the jaw-dropping moments that have occurred throughout Season 6 of the hit TLC series “Sister Wives” -- including Meri’s shocking catfish scandal. And while that was one of the most anticipated scenes of the two-hour special, fans also learned a great deal about Kody, his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn) and their kids during the lengthy “Tell All.” Check out the top seven moments from the special below:

1. Kody Will Not Re-Marry Meri

Tamron Hall, the “Today” journalist who hosted the “Tell All,” questioned Kody if he was planning on divorcing Robyn, after receiving legal guardianship over his fourth wife's three children (Dayton, Aurora and Breanna), so he could re-marry his first wife, Meri.

“Why would I go through that process again?” he fired back, adding that it’s his spiritual marriage which he chooses to see as legitimate. That’s why Kody didn’t celebrate the day he and Robyn became husband and wife during the "marriage license shuffle."

2. Robyn’s Pregnancy Reveal Scared Janelle

To surprise the family with Robyn’s pregnancy announcement, Meri was tasked with unveiling the news in order to throw the family off. And she did, according to Janelle. When Meri began to reveal that she had an announcement to make, Kody’s second wife thought the worst.

“[I thought] horrible, dramatic things!” Janelle said, admitting “it was really a surprise” when she learned Robyn was with child.

"Sister Wives" Season 6 Spoilers
Kody Brown (left) and Christine (right) discussed their relationship issues during the Season 6 "Tell All" of "Sister Wives." TLC

3. Kody Didn’t Want To Discuss His Relationship Issues With Christine

During the “Tell All,” Tamron brought up Christine and Kody’s getaway from hell, in which they brought their relationship therapist with them on an anniversary trip to Galveston, Texas.

“[In] retrospect, [it was] not the most romantic idea,” Christine noted, adding that she was glad their counselor had accompanied them. “[Nancy] was incredible.”

Their therapist helped the two realize that there was miscommunication present in their relationship after they failed to work together during a rock-building exercise that required them to create a sculpture together representative of their relationship. While Christine wanted to build something that focused on their partnership, Kody couldn’t help but create something inspired by the whole family.

“I railroaded her completely [there],” Kody said, not wanting to reveal why he didn’t want to make a rock sculpture based solely on him and Christine. “Can we do that in private conversation?” he asked Tamron.

4. Christine Admits She’s Jealous

One of the reasons Christine and Kody regularly attended therapy sessions was because nearly five years ago, Christine had admitted to having feelings of hate toward the polygamy lifestyle.

“She was saying, ‘I hate this. I hate this jealousy,’” Kody recalled, acknowledging for the first time on the series that the wives do become envious of one another. Tamron noted that this was a huge declaration because the Browns have constantly downplayed jealousy in their relationship.

Christine was reluctant to recall a specific time where she was jealous of a sister wife but finally came clean stating that “it’s about where [Kody] spends his time.” Kody, however, rebutted that he believes he’s fair with his time and how he manages his schedule.

5. The Brown Children Don’t Want Sister Wives

When Tamron sat down with the older Brown children, she asked each of them their stance on plural marriages.

“I kind of feel bad,” Aspyn said after every one of them admitting to not wanting to be in a plural relationship -- even Mariah, who has previously advocated having sister wives. “I think I’ve just grown a lot over the past years and [have] taken a step back. Maybe [I] thought more about what I want and how I want my life to turn out,” she said.

6. Kody Admitted To Knowing About Meri’s Flirtatious Relationship

When the host finally got around to addressing Meri’s eye-widening catfish scandal, which involved her getting tricked into having feelings for a woman pretending to being a man online, Kody revealed he knew that his wife was having flirty phone calls with someone. He continued to explain that he didn’t fault Meri for having feelings of “love” for the person who tricked and terrorized her.

“This is somebody who I see was trying to exploit her -- to literally harm our family and find some way to damage our children. So nothing but forgiveness in this case. I see it as a flirt. So what?” he said, claiming that he didn’t see what Meri did as emotional infidelity.

7. Will There Be A Season 7?

Although TLC didn’t officially renew “Sister Wives” for a seventh installment, Tamron stated at the end of the “Tell All” that she “can’t wait” to see what happens next season on the reality series. The host then took to Twitter to hint at a Season 7 renewal once again, teasing that the new installment would focus on the birth of Robyn and Kody’s second baby together, which was unveiled to be a girl during Season 6 of the series.

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