A 98-year-old Connecticut woman received an eviction notice on her birthday--from her son.

Mary Kantorowski's son, Peter, served up the papers claiming that he is concerned about her well-being and had asked her to either move in with him or into a nursing home, report The Associated Press.

His mother has a very different take on proceedings, however.

My husband worked hard, difficult jobs to buy this house. He built the garage and did a lot of work on the house and he told me never to leave it, she told the Connecticut Post.

This is just a despicable situation, said Richard Bortolot Jr., a lawyer appointed to represent the mother, according to the Connecticut Post.

Mary has been living here happily paying all the expenses for the house and now her son, Peter, comes along and is telling her, 'Get the hell out,' so he can sell it, he continued.

The Fairfield house had been turned over to a trust administered by Peter Kantorowski by Mary and her late-husband John in 1996, according to Probate Court records obtained by the Connecticut Post. However, this was done on the caveat that Mary would live their until her death.

In 2005, Peter gained ownership of the house, courtesy of a quitclaim deed. He now asserts that his elderly mother would be better off in a nursing home.

At her age, at 98, I'm sure that she should be with people of her peers. She should have her meals on time, he said, as reported by the AP.

Mary Kantorowski's other son, Jack, though, has also come out in vehement defense of his mother's right to remain in her home, saying that his brother is a scumbag, in an interview with WTNH-TV.

The trial is set for March 2.