A man in Malaysia stabbed his father to death following a heated argument over the former’s mobile phone use.

Tan Yin Fah, 59, rebuked his 35-year-old son for allegedly using the phone excessively. This led to an altercation between the two during which the father hit his son with a plastic chair. The accused retaliated by picking up a knife and stabbing his father multiple times with it at their home in the Malaysian town of Simpang Pertang on Wednesday morning, the Star reported.

Hearing the man’s screams, neighbors rushed to the home and found him lying in a pool of blood at the entrance. They immediately alerted the paramedics and the police who arrived at the scene pronounced him dead. The man reportedly had several stab wounds to his torso.

In the meantime, the son, who was not identified by local media, fled the scene. He was nabbed by the police 20 minutes after they arrived at the scene.

The accused was taken into custody and was expected to be charged with murder.

As part of the investigation, the officers spoke to the neighbors who told them the man worked abroad and had returned in March. He was jobless and used to have frequent fights with his father, New Straits Times reported.

Police said the victim’s 85-year-old mother also lived with them, but had gone out when the stabbing took place.

The incident comes days after a 15-year-old teen in Zimbabwe beat his "violent" stepfather to death to protect his mother. The 37-year-old man left his home after taking some money from his wife. After waiting for several hours, the woman went in search of her husband and found him at another woman’s residence.

The couple quarreled at his alleged girlfriend’s home during which the man turned violent. The wife returned home. The man followed her and the two began having a heated argument at their residence. Fearing the woman would be harmed, her son beat the man on the head with an iron rod. The teen was arrested and a case of murder was filed against him.

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