• Sony posted a series of job listings
  • The first one mentioned PlayStation Visual Arts
  • The most recent mentioned about a new project with Naughty Dog in a beloved franchise"

A new gaming studio under the umbrella of Sony Interactive Entertainment is working with Naughty Dog, the developer of hit series "The Last of Us" and "Uncharted" on a new project, which some fans presumed an "Uncharted" game for PS5.

Sony is "building a new internal game development team" with the San Diego-based support studio that helped in the creation of "The Last of Us 1," PSS Visual Arts, according to a new job recruitment site posted last week. The job listing later noted that the unannounced project was in collaboration with Naughty Dog.

Later, the job listing was modified and those wordings were replaced with "Sony PlayStation is building a new internal game development team. This is the same world-class team known for its contributions to the Last of Us franchise!"

Another job listing was published later, this time it says it says the recruitment is for "a new PlayStation studio based in San Diego, CA." The job listing read, "We are a new PlayStation studio based in San Diego, CA. Our team seeks to impact SIE positively by inspiring the thoughts and emotions of players worldwide through an amazing gaming experience. Currently we are co-developing an exciting new project with Naughty Dog in a beloved franchise."

While the job listings did not offer details on what the project is about. Fans were quick to assume that it could be somehow related to "The Last of Us" series or to "Uncharted" with several others speculating that it could be "Uncharted" for Sony's new generation gaming console PS5.

Last year, however, Bloomberg mentioned that PlayStation Visual Arts, for years, had been dreaming of getting its hands in game direction, which seemingly confirmed the latest job listings involving the studio. The report claimed that the team wanted to remake the first "Uncharted" game but Sony reportedly found the project to be "too expensive" and time-consuming.

There is a big chance that the project, which involves PlayStation Visual Arts could be a remake of "Uncharted" but it could also be an entirely different project. For now, in the absence of an official confirmation, fans should temper their expectations and take the latest information as highly speculative at this stage.

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