• A corporate report may indicate that Sony is thinking of bringing more titles that were PlayStation exclusives to PC
  • Unlike Microsoft, which has embraced a PC strategy with its Game Pass program, Sony has had a contentious history with the PC platform
  • Although future first-party Sony titles on PC may not release on the same day and date, PC gamers likely won't mind as long as the games are ported

A corporate report aimed at Sony’s investors indicates that the company would further explore first-party publishing to PC.

Given PlayStation’s history with the PC platform, it was already surprising that one of the biggest games in PlayStation 4 history, “Horizon Zero Dawn,” developed by Sony-owned Guerilla Games, arrived on the PC.

Unlike Microsoft, who has gone all-in on a PC strategy with its Game Pass program, Sony had only previously released smaller titles to Steam through the Sony Music wing of the company. They've also supported their third-party developers in a few cases, leading to PC ports of “Helldivers” and “Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.”

Since “Horizon Zero Dawn” is one of the biggest games in PlayStation 4 history and sequel title “Horizon Forbidden West” will be released on the PlayStation 5, a PC port indicates that Sony could publish anything on Steam, ScreenRant notes. This might not be released on the same day and date, but PC fans likely won’t mind as long as they have access to the titles.

The appeal for the PC gamers, after all, is in seeing the best possible version of PlayStation's hits preserved far past the time when their home platform is relevant. Either way, Sony likely won’t mind as the port of Horizon sold exceptionally despite some pretty notable technical issues.

In a quote first noticed by ArtisticTap4 on Reddit from a corporate report aimed at investors, Sony promised that they would further explore expanding first-party publishing to PC in order to "promote further growth in [their] profitability."

It’s a clear priority for Sony Interactive Entertainment going forward because this messaging comes from the top of the company. The rest of the report focuses on continuing Sony’s strong focus on generating first-party titles in new releases and transitioning successfully to the PlayStation 5 which arrives this holiday season.

Although no other games that could find its way from Sony consoles to PC were not mentioned in the report, the success of “Horizon Zero Dawn” could open those floodgates. PS5 sequels have already been announced for the rebooted “God of War” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” so those might see PC ports to keep the respective franchises fresh in player’s minds.

Another option is to bring classic collections to Steam, the first of which might be the “Ratchet & Clank” series to capitalize on the hype currently surrounding the coming “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.”

PlayStation 4 might support PS One Classics when the 5.0 firmware update arrives later this year. REUTERS/ Mike Blake