The Real Housewives of South Boston -- a group of motley townies with their own spin on the Bravo reality series -- are back to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, Southie style.

Jackie, Amber, Dawn, Sharon and and freshly paroled Chaffin have congregated at Sharon's brother's bar to pre-game before the big St. Patrick's Day parade. But if they actually make it to the parade, it might be the first time in Real Housewives of South Boston history.

We usually miss it, Sharon says, because we get so drunk that we rear end each other on our way to the parade.

While they are happy to throw back some shots, a few of the Housewives are feeling out of sorts. Chaffin is missing her prison ladyboy lover (she's got both parts, so you never want for more, you know?), Dawn doesn't understand how birth control works, Jackie wants to get to the parade so she can ride the unofficial Jackie's Packie float, and Amber's got her unrequited sights set on Sharon's brother (I'm gonna rekindle this flame whether he likes it or not).

Check out Marky Mark's cousin's dance moves after the jump: