St Paul's Protest
A bailiff drags away camping gear from the St Paul's Occupy site Reuters

(Reuters) - Bailiffs began evicting anti-capitalism activists from a protest camp outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.

There was no resistance from the activists, who set up the camp four months ago in an echo of the Occupy Wall Street protest, as bailiffs employed by the City of London Corporation, which owns the site, removed tents.

Dozens of police stood by as the midnight eviction went ahead.

Many of the 150 tents had already been taken down voluntarily after protesters lost their legal battle to stay. About 50 tents remained.

Christian Wallace, 35, who had lived in the camp for the past four months, was concerned the heavy police presence could lead to clashes.

I just want to leave peacefully but some don't want to go quietly as this is their only home, he told Reuters.