A trailer of the highly anticipated continuation of the animation series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” has been released online. The Season 7 video was released at the Celebration event, and it shows the return of Ahsoka Tano, the Jedi apprentice who left the Order after feeling betrayed.

The trailer of Season 7 started with flashbacks of past events. After leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka went to the lower levels of Coruscant, down to level 1313. The lower levels of the planet are full of thugs and villains, but the former Jedi will make a few friends there.

A scene from the upcoming episodes of the TV series shows what appears to be Ahsoka’s first meeting with one of her new friends. The former Jedi faces some trouble with her Speeder in the action sequence.

During the panel discussion of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” Executive Producer Dave Filoni confirmed that there will be two new characters who become friends with Ahsoka. The sisters Trace and Rafa live in level 1313 and their lives has been a complete contrast to what the former Jedi has seen and experienced.

Trace and Rafa are regular people of Coruscant, who are just trying to make a living. Their friendship with Ahsoka will be one of the factors that will help the former Jedi become the person the fans saw in “Star Wars: Rebels” TV series.

The Clones will also be back. Ahsoka will return to fight alongside her former master Anakin to fight in one more mission alongside the Republic’s soldiers. The squad of Clones to watch out for in Season 7 is the one known as the Bad Batch.

Ahsoka will also fight Maul in “Star Wars: Clone Wars.” The former Sith apprentice will get some new costume in the show. The costume is derived from the character’s cameo appearance in the “Solo” movie.

The big episode to look forward to in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is “The Siege of Mandalore.” Maul is a part of this episode, and he will try some things that he has never tried before on the show.