Celina Cass
Celina Cass, age 11, was last seen the night of July 25 in her New Hampshire home. Europaplustv

A week-long intense search for the missing New Hampshire girl, Celina Cass, ended when a body found in the Connecticut River was identified as Celina's.

Celina's body was discovered by New Hampshire Fish and Game divers at around 10:30 a.m. today in the river, just a quarter of a mile from her home in West Stewartstown, said New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young. The body was recovered from the river in the late afternoon.

Law enforcement officials said the girl's death was considered "suspicious." It is not made clear as to what investigators had seen.

The death of Celina Cass was now treated as a criminal investigation after it was determined that her body was placed in the river, said Young. An autopsy on the body is scheduled for Tuesday.

The New Hampshire girl was last seen last Monday in front of her computer at the home she lived with her mother and stepfather. Next morning when her parents went to wake her up, Celina was gone.

On Monday morning, Celina's stepfather Wendell Noyes was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, after he was said to have taken a 'funny turn' on the driveway of the family home. Noyes was seen repeatedly lying face down and rolling around in the driveway.

Last week, it was revealed that Celina's stepfather has a troubled past filled with allegations of criminal behavior and mental illness.

In 2003, Noyes was involuntarily committed to a hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. ABC News obtained court records showing that Noyes has an arrest record for criminal trespass, criminal threatening, hindering apprehension and violating a restraining order by his ex-girlfriend.

His ex-girlfriend, who lived with her two children, said that Noyes broke into her house while she and her children were asleep, picked up her mattress and slammed it down. She also said that Noyes threatened to throw her down the stairs.

Furthermore, several comments called attention to the Facebook profile of Noyes, referring to Noyes as a "creeper" and questioning whether the Cass family was aware of the profile.

The overwhelming majority of Noyes' Facebook "friends" are young women from different parts of the country, some appearing to be amateur models. The page -- which is available for the public to view -- shows that Noyes posted flirtatious comments on some of the girls' profiles as recently as June.

Noyes was placed in a hospital when the judge in the case ruled that Noyes was incompetent to stand trial due to his mental disorder. Judge Richard Hampe wrote that Noyes' mental illness raises "a potentially serious likelihood of danger to himself and others".

So far, Noyes has not been named as a suspect in the death of his stepdaughter.