After a week in which both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Stacey Keibler were linked to new men (the Bachelorette's runner-up, Ben, and George Clooney, respectively), both women popped up on the scene solo.

WWE wrestlers have invaded Los Angeles ahead of Sunday's SummerSlam event. The sweaty grapplers, known for busting bones, inspired Hewitt to break one of Hollywood party's key unwritten rules at a kickoff event Thursday night: No dancing.

As favorites like C.M. Punk, HHH and Hollywood party regular "The Miz" walked a double red-carpet in the lobby of the Andaz Hotel, Hewitt and "The Blind Side's" Quinton Aaron quarterbacked their own sizable dance circle upstairs in the penthouse party.

After LMFAO's "I'm in Miami," they were still dancing over an hour later when the deejay spun two more LMFAO anthems. Ironically, "Dancing with the Stars'" Cheryl Burke sat it out, watching from the sidelines.

In another corner, teen TV actors Arielle Winter ("Modern Family") and Angus T. Jones ("Two and a Half Men") compared notes on returning to shoot their series. "It's pretty much the same (without Charlie Sheen). It's just that Ashton's (Kutcher) there instead of Charlie," Jones said earlier in the night.

The party promoted WWE and Creative Coalition's global anti-bullying alliance, "Be a STAR." Kellan Lutz, coming over from a day promoting his new association with a denim line at the Grove, told me he was actually bullied growing up. "I was called Dumbo," he said.

David Arquette stressed that he grew up watching his transgendered sister Alexis Arquette be bullied, and thus wanted to continue to support the anti-bullying campaign. That, and he's also a not-so-secret wrestling fan (WWE wrestler HHH greeted him warmly in the lobby) and was at one time, a world champ himself.

The event was Burke's second of the night, coming over from Rosario Dawson's G-Star "Women's Night" garden party at Kitson.

The Thursday night parties beckon a hundred or so L.A. fashionistas for champagne and shopping in shady courtyard off Robertson. On Thursday night, Kristin Chenoweth was amongst the first to arrive (and depart with three big bags of the exclusive denim collection).

As Dawson is heading off to London shortly to shoot a film with James McAvoy and Vincent Cassel (Natalie Portman's ballet instructor from "Black Swan"), she told me about the recent riots. "I'm looking forward to going there to work there and being a part of positivity," she said.

Thanks to a black bowler hat, tourists craning their necks from the top deck of a passing tour bus couldn't tell it who was the object of all the flashbulbs outside Kitson.

If you were choking on cigar smoke outside Goal sports bar on Wednesday night, you might want to blame Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio hit the Third St. sports bar (known more for "scene" than sports) for karaoke night. He smoked cigars outside with long time friend and fellow actor Lucas Haas, before hanging with Kevin Connolly inside. (For authenticity, the bar has been featured in "Entourage").

Connolly held down a choice booth for most of the night, chatting with Jessica Szohr, as a fearless male friend took the stage to perform "The Humpty Dance".

Finally, Stacy Keibler was asking for "nothing fried" during lunch at Mr. Chow's on Thursday, settling for lettuce wraps instead. Sitting with three women in what looked like a business lunch, the former pro-wrestler did not make it a reunion with her former colleagues at the WWE bash later in the night.