Russian anchor, Tatiana Limanova, said she was leaving the Ren TV news channel after she was taken off air following an indecent gesture in a live newscast.

In a Nov. 14 newscast,on the Russian channel Ren TV, Limanova was reading an item on the recent Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Hawaii, when she very clearly raised her left hand and put up her middle finger while mentioning the U.S. president.

The newscaster told RIA Novosti that her gesture had nothing to do with Obama but was addressed to her colleagues and was meant to ask them to raise the text that she was reading.

Limanova said she did not know she was on camera when she made the gesture, an explanation that failed to impress Ren TV.

“This does not diminish her guilt and cannot be considered an excuse. The Ren TV management views this action as the gravest violation of on-air discipline and a demonstration of unprofessionalism,” the channel said.

“The channel management apparently decided to treat this ridiculous incident seriously, and I completely accept and respect this position… I realize that I let the channel down and probably offended some of the viewers,” Limanova said.

“My attitude toward President Barack Obama is loyal, and my gesture had nothing to do with the respected U.S. president,” she added. Limanova said she was leaving the channel. “I let the channel down, so I don’t think it’s possible to stay here,” she said.

Check out the video here.