Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tx., was flipped off by fans at New York's Yankee stadium as he attended the game to show support for the Houston Astros against the New York Yankees.

The Astros won the game to become the American League Champions Sunday night. However, Ted Cruz witnessed an unprecedented moment when he took some Ls from several spectators who flipped the bird at him, according to photos accessed by NY Post.

In the now-viral photos, the Texan Senator got a Bronx welcome after at least three people flipped the bird at him. The photos showed Cruz waving at the fans when the three men - seen near the politico - subjected him to abusive gestures. Another person was seen showing a thumbs down at the waving Senator, reported FanSided.

Prior to this incident, Cruz posted a selfie from the stadium with "#GoStros" in the caption. At one point, he left fans wondering as to whose side he was on. It happened when Astros superstar Jose Altuve struck out. While Yankees fans rejoiced, many couldn't make sense of Cruz breaking into applause.

"Ted Cruz is so stupid and doesn't even know the team he's at Yankee Stadium to see that he applauded when Altuve stuck out," read a tweet. "You actually clapped when Altuve struck out. You really do shame Texas," tweeted another.

People from Cruz's home state also joined in on the banter and said he got what he deserved.

"At a Yankee's baseball game today Ted Cruz was booed by the crowd. Many flipped him the bird. My favorite is when someone in the crowd yelled at Cruz 'You racist piece of s--t' and I remembered why I love New York City so much," a tweet read.

In another video, someone from the crowd yelled "you f--king loser," "racist piece of s--t," and "go back to Cancun" at the Senator. A Twitter user wrote, "As a Texan, I thank the people of NYC for giving him the proper greeting."

"This Native Texan, Astros Fan, cannot stand Ted Cruz! He's a disgrace to Texas & America! Get his sorry As- outta there! He's bad luck #TedCruzSux #TedCruzIsATraitor #GoStros," tweeted another.

This development has come days after Cruz was slammed by social media for targeting President Biden over inflation in the country.

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Senator Ted Cruz is pictured in June 2020. POOL / Tom Williams