A murder suspect has been released by a judge in Puerto Rico on a $50,000 bond, and has since fled and disappeared into hiding.

Zareh Manjikian was the suspect in the 2009 shooting death of 19-year-old Mike Yepremyan outside of a North Hollywood department store.

The murder, which started off as an insulting text message from the teen to his girlfriend, led to a chain of unfortunate events which would eventually lead to his murder. The story gained national attention, and the police had been on the manhunt spanning 18 months for the killer.

At the end of a long investigation and wait, authorities finally cuffed and brought him to captivity. Only to to be short-lived.

The judge ignored a request to hold the Manjikian, 23, without bail and released him on May 13. Now Manjikian is on the run, and LAPD and parents of the murder victim are outraged.