Orondo, Washington -- In a miraculous turn of events, a 19-year-old rescued the pilot of a helicopter that almost crashed into him in the middle of a field in Washington.

Logan Schneider was busy working on his family's cherry farm in Orondo, on July 7, when a string of unexpected events resulted in a near-death experience. As he was riding a tractor in the orchard around 9:20 a.m, a helicopter flying by got entangled in wires and was headed for a crash, KREM News reported.

Schneider had his headphones on and was caught unaware as the chopper, a Hiller UH-12, lost control and was headed straight toward him.

"I had noise-canceling headphones on, and all of a sudden I just hear something so loud above me," he told NCW Life. "I look up, and I see the helicopter hit the power line, and then it comes crashing down, and it hit me on the tractor and pinned me against the steering wheel."

Schneider, an alumnus of Eastmont High School, was able to free himself from the wreckage only to see the helicopter pilot hanging upside down from his entangled harness.

The pilot, who was screaming for help, was rescued by Schneider moments before the aircraft and tractor both were engulfed by flames.

A retired U.S. Army soldier tweeted that the boy should be given flight training and praised his abilities.

The chances of being hit by a falling helicopter and escaping with only minor injuries are extremely slim. "I'd say it's one in a million," Schneider remarked.

Schneider sustained burns on his arm and abrasions on his back. Meanwhile, the 39-year-old pilot from Idaho sustained minor burns and suffered a broken arm.

"Looking at what happened, I don't know how we both got out," the teen said, as per KREM News.

Adding to the incredible details of their shared experience, Scheider revealed that he shares his birthday with the pilot, the outlet reported. Moreover, the teen had also bought a lottery ticket the same day and won two dollars.

"I feel like I always have someone watching over me, God watching over me, protecting me,” he said. “And you never know when it could be your last moment.”

Schneider is an aspiring pilot and will be attending flight school in the fall.

Three Austrian helicopters have arrived to help in rescue operations
Three Austrian helicopters have arrived to help in rescue operations NETWORK PICTURES via AFP / STR