A Massachusetts man made good on a promise to make his last mortgage payment on his home with pennies.

Thomas Daigle dropped 62,000 pennies, which totaled 800 pounds, at his local bank as a final payment on his Milford home. He and his wife, Sandra, bought the residence in 1977, the Associated Press reported.

“It was something I wanted to do,” he said, according to the Milford Daily News. “I always follow through.”

Since the day he moved in to his house, Daigle has been saving up his pennies, carefully rolling them into packs of exactly 50 cents.

“I was just praying I didn’t die first,” Daigle said.

He began collecting an average of 2.5 pennies a day and placing them into a crate. However, after several years, the crate began to break. Instead, he bought a pair of military rocket launcher ammo boxes and began tossing the pennies in the steel containers.

The official date of the final payments came on April 24, the same day he and his wife celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary date. However, Daigle confessed that this was just a coincidence, the Daily Mail Reported.

Joseph Kobierecki, his college roommate and business partner, said that he knew Daigle was working on paying off his loans with pennies. He knew his longtime friend would follow through the plan.

“He is a man of his word,” said Kobierecki, reported the Milford Daily News. “Whatever he says, he doesn’t say lightly.”

Daigle said he warned the bank of his intentions and wanted to make his last payment memorable.

“They were 100 percent for it,” he said.

Since he moved into his home, he has raised two children and has been with his wife for 35 years. They have two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.