A tigress mauled a man to death after he jumped into its enclosure at a biological park in the Indian city of Ranchi on Wednesday.

According to local reports, the man, identified as 27-year-old Wasim Ansari, leaped into the enclosure and tried to catch the attention of the big cat by folding his hands and bowing down in front of it. Moments after, the tigress leaped at him before grabbing him by his neck. The man succumbed to injuries on the spot.

The staff then pelted stones at the nine-year-old tigress and when she retreated, they removed the body from the enclosure.

Speaking to local media, Ramjeet Oraon, one of the witnesses, said, “We were working in the Garuda enclosure (for birds) situated in front of barricaded enclosure of the tigress. We shouted at the youth when he scaled the first net barricade. It was a weekday morning and there were a few other visitors, but everyone who was present shouted at the youth. It seemed he did not listen. He scaled the knee-high concrete wall of the moat, which was dry, and jumped into the moat and got up to the stone stairs near where the tigress was pacing. She charged at him. It was all over in seconds.”

Meanwhile, alleging that the Ansari seemed to be “little mentally unsound,” the park director Venkateswarlu said, “No sane person can make such attempts. There are boards all across the park warning people not to enter the restricted area or tease animals or throw pebbles or edibles at them.”

The tigress was placed under observation.