Since its inception in 2012, the mobile dating app Tinder has been the source of inspiration for many a mocking Tumblr blog. Tinder’s Finest Bachelors gathers the “best” (read: worst) Tinder messages from men looking for hookups. Tinder Guys With Tigers chronicles men with a mysterious compulsion to include photos of themselves with tranquilized big cats, an odd theme that runs through many a Tinder profile.

And now, a Brooklyn law student has launched the already-viral Tinder in Brooklyn, which curates the Tinder profiles that best represent the denizens of hipsterific Brooklyn, the land of pensive, bearded men playing sitars, who describe themselves as “popcorn enthusiasts” and post pictures of themselves with children in developing countries -- all to entice potential hookups.

Or is it all a big joke? Its creator answered International Business Times’ burning questions.

International Business Times: Have you actually met someone on Tinder you would take seriously as a date?

Lindsay: Absolutely. I’ve gone on a few Tinder dates, not with anyone on the blog, though. Some have been brutal; some have been fun.

IBTimes: Do you feel guilty about posting some of these profiles and mocking them? Would it be the same if a man did this with women’s profiles?

Lindsay: My policy for the blog is the same as my policy for sex -- I don’t do anything I’m not comfortable with. There are a lot of profiles I don’t post because I think they will get laughs for the wrong reasons. My big rule is I don’t touch physical appearance. It’s more about things that just make me say,“Um ... what the f--- are you doing?”

IBTimes: Has anyone asked you to take an image down?

Lindsay: One guy. He was married. I took it down so his kids wouldn’t see it. Embarrassing dads are the worst.

IBTimes: Do these guys want attention? Or are they serious? Does Tinder anywhere outside hipster enclaves feature profiles like this?

Lindsay: I mean, your guess is as good as mine. I can’t even attempt to explain the blood splatter and clown guys.

IBTimes: Do you think there’s something about Tinder that invites this level of weirdness?

Lindsay: I think Brooklyn invites this level of weirdness. Everyone is trying to make themselves stand out in a sea of man buns. It's a struggle.

IBTimes: What’s your favorite crazy profile? The worst?

Lindsay: I love the llama guy. As for the worst: anyone who uses orphans as photo props. Oh, and also the Rohypnol guy, who thinks rape is hilarious. I had a hard time writing that one because I was so angry. It took me a few tries to find some comedy there. My first draft was essentially “F--- you, you a------!” which obviously isn’t very illuminating.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post included the full name of the "Tinder in Brooklyn" creator. It has been removed, along with other identifying information, at her request.