Valentine’s Day - Top 5 iPhone, iPad Apps to Make Your Day Lovelier!
Valentine’s Day - Top 5 iPhone, iPad Apps to Make Your Day Lovelier! Reuters

Looking for a hot idea for a Valentine’s Day promotional giveaway or business gift? Look no further!

All's fair in love and promotional products, as the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) released its annual top 10 list of hottest Valentine's Day business gifts and romantic giveaways that include Little Black Book of Sex Secrets, edible bubble bath and boy briefs.

A search for romantic giveaways in ASI's database reveals marketers are in hot pursuit of everything from chocolate lip balm and thigh-high socks to matchbook-style condoms and custom-made bobbleheads.

Marketers trying to sex up a ho-hum promotion need look no further than our top 10 list to find products that will make anyone go 'whoo-hoo' all year long, says Timothy Andrews, chief executive of ASI. Sex always sells, whether it's spread by a tasty lip balm or flashed on a necklace shouting 'sexy.'

Top 10 sexiest Valentine's Day products:

* Chocolate Lip Balm from Custom HBC. Flavored SPF-15 lip balm has hempseed oil, beeswax and other natural oils for smooth application.

* Little Black Book of Sex Secrets from Peter Pauper Press Inc. The 160-page book by Dee Flower offers naughty tips, sexual oddities, potent positions and celebrity sex.

* Edible Bubble Bath from Z Marketing Group makes a fun, romantic intimacy kit.

* Thigh-High Socks from American Apparel are triple-striped, soft-knit and 26 long.

* Feathered Bikini Top from Beistle. Adjustable Mardi Gras feathered bikini top.

* Tongue and Lips Pin from Alight Promotional Products is magnetic and flashes.

* Boy Briefs from Cafe Press are inspired by the classic men's briefs but made for style-conscious women.

* Sexy Necklace from OTC/Lauren-Spencer Inc. displays the word sexy.

* Condoms from Stop N Go come in standard foil packaging with discreet matchbook-style packaging.

* Bobblehead from Bobble Head Me comes with dark hair and a purple bikini. Custom dolls are 100% handmade by professional sculptors.