Tom Brady was non-committal about his future after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' playoff exit on Sunday
Tom Brady may not be too keen on committing to strenuous travel that an NFL analyst will have to do. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / Mike Ehrmann


  • Tom Brady is allegedly not too keen on committing to be an NFL analyst for Fox
  • Brady is wary of time requirements and travel that comes along with broadcast career option
  • Brady could follow the lead of Peyton Manning and do podcasts instead for less hassle

With Tom Brady officially retired, the NFL world expects the seven-time Super Bowl champion to continue to be involved in professional football.

But this time around, it is behind the broadcast booth.

It will be recalled that two years ago, Brady signed a deal with Fox to be their next lead NFL analyst once he formally retires. The contract was worth $375 million and it would run for 10 years.

Brady opted to play one more season before retiring anew earlier this year.

The deal with Fox does not start until 2024, meaning the five-time Super Bowl MVP can take some time off and possibly use the respite to get comfortable being a broadcaster.

Hence, this means that Greg Olsen will continue to be the lead NFL analyst for Fox for the time being.

However, a report from the New York Post on an episode of "The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast" hinted that there may be some alterations moving forward.

Marchand claimed that he spoke to someone close to Brady, who said that the future NFL Hall of Famer is not entirely sure he wants to commit to the travel schedule that comes along with the job.

Brady would have to commit to calling games full-time, including at least four days on the road each week.

Moreover, the 45-year-old allegedly does not want to get into it unless he is 100% sure of committing to the role.

As far as the money angle is concerned, Brady is established and someone who is not hurting for money right now.

Given the rigors of committing to being an NFL analyst is something that appears to be uncertain for now if the take of the unnamed source is to be taken seriously.

In addition, there is an alternative that Brady may consider.

This is concerning what Peyton Manning resorted to, turning down network offers to do the same for the same reasons that Brady may be pondering.

Instead, Manning ended up doing the "Manningcast" for ESPN, something that was only done weeks during the season and done from the comforts of his home.

Brady may explore that option. Regardless, he has all the time to weigh his choices before deciding on what to do next after retiring from pro football.

Tom Brady won a record seven Super Bowls
Tom Brady may consider other options other than being the lead NFL analyst for Fox. AFP