What in the world is going on with Billith? “True Blood” fans have watched main character Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) evolve over the past few seasons. In the past he was known for torturing his victims and draining them of their blood, but when the HBO series introduced him he was simply a quiet vampire looking to peacefully integrate with humans. However, Bill’s proper and polite attitude quickly faded when he got his hands on a little bit of power. Swallowing the blood of Lilith, the first vampire, Bill turned into a vampire god … wreaking havoc all in the name of saving the vampire race.

As “True Blood” winds down with its seventh and final season, the series appears to be looking to stray from “Billith” and return the southern vampire to his Compton roots.

E! News teases that the HBO show will be using flashbacks to travel back to 1855 to introduce Bill Compton’s parents, William Compton Sr. and Margaret Compton. But that’s not the only blast from Bill’s past to pay him a ghostly visit. Fans will also get to see Caroline Compton, his wife before his death in 1865. The site teases that Caroline will be featured in a flashback to the 1850s, where she’ll be giving birth to one of Bill’s children.

This isn’t the first spoiler to be released regarding Bill’s past. In early March we reported that “True Blood” would be using flashbacks to travel to 1862 to show Bill clashing with Bon Temps locals over his thoughts on the Civil War. A casting sheet for the upcoming season revealed that the series was also looking to cast a 5-year-old, Sarah Compton, to be featured in the scene.

It’s unclear what kind of role Bill Compton will be playing in present-day Bon Temps, but there is no denying that Sookie and the gang will definitely need Bill’s vampire God strength in order to combat the trouble coming their way. For those that don’t remember, Season 6 of “True Blood” concluded with a hoard of hungry and crazed hep-V-infected vampires heading straight for the Bellefleur’s (formerly Merlotte’s) block party. Bill offered to protect Sookie, but his former flame refused, telling him that she has Alcide now.

“True Blood” fans will have to wait and see how everyone is able to fight off the hep-V vampires, but even then no one will be safe. As we previously reported, the series will be introducing a couple new villains for the final season.

According to TV Line, one villain is mysteriously called “The Figure” and is similar to Leatherface or Jason Voorhees. He’s “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty,” teased the site. Meanwhile, a second villain named Mr. Gus will also be stirring up trouble. E! News reports that Mr. Gus is a Japanese native "who has fully embraced the ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ way of living” … and is out for revenge.

“True Blood” returns for its seventh and final season on June 22. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.