Sookie’s love life has been a main focus throughout the seven seasons of “True Blood,” and it will continue to be as the final season winds down. HBO has released a sneak peek video from episode 9, which features Sookie talking to Arlene about her troubled relationships and moving on.

In the video clip, the two old friends can be seen sitting at the Bellefleur’s bar. Sookie seems visibly upset, more than likely fleeing to Bellefleur’s following Bill’s refusal to drink the Hep-V cure in episode 8.

“How do you do it?” Sookie asks the fiery redhead of moving on. With tears in her eyes, Sookie continues to beg her friend for the answer. “You started over so many times. How do you do it?” To lighten the mood, Arlene tries to make a joke. “It helps when your ex-husband comes to you in a death vision and tells you to,” she tells Sookie, managing to get a small laugh out of her. “But without that, first thing you gotta do is make up your mind you want to.”

Sookie confesses to Arlene that she feels like she held herself back from Alcide because she was never able to let go of Bill. And Arlene agrees.

Watch the episode 9 sneak peek video to see what Sookie has to say about loving both men and moving on:

Episode 9 of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 17, at 9 p.m. EDT. As we previously reported, Sookie will “retreat in confusion” in “Love Is to Die.” The blonde half-faerie will have to come to terms with Bill’s decision to not take the Hep-V cure. Meanwhile, Sam will make a choice; Jason will “exercise uncharacteristic restraint;” and Eric will find himself in a tight spot after getting caught in a lie.