True Blood
Will Hoyt be leaving Bon Temps in episode 9? That's one of our theories on the upcoming episode of "True Blood." HBO

Season 7 of “True Blood” is all about saying goodbye – but are fans ready to bid adieu to their favorite characters? HBO viewers are about to find out, because an original cast member in the hit supernatural show may be dying in episode 9.

TV Guide teased the following during their “Mega Buzz” update: “At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week.”

Fans have been saying goodbye to characters from the start of “True Blood” In 2008. Season 7 alone has killed off Tara, Alcide, Mrs. Fortenberry, Violet and countless others. So, who is next on the butcher’s block? We’ve got some theories:


After his decision to not drink the cure in episode 8, Bill is our number one suspect on the “death list.” Bill’s Hep-V has spread at great speeds, so he can truly be meeting the “true death” at any point in time. But will HBO kill him off before the series finale? While he’s an obvious choice to die, we can’t picture the show killing him off with one episode left.


Arlene has dodged death on a handful of occasions. She appears to have Keith protecting her, but Keith can’t be there at all hours to protect the feisty redhead. Arlene might find herself at the wrong place at the wrong time.


The townsfolk of Bon Temps were hunting Sam at the beginning of the season, but the vigilante group has since disbanded/ was murdered. Sam’s pregnant girlfriend, Nicole, urged him to leave the “crazy” town for good. However Sam hesitated in leaving the only place he has ever been able to call home. The shifter has been missing in action for the past couple weeks and “True Blood” viewers are still waiting on his decision. He could potentially make his big return in episode 9, maybe even sacrificing his life for someone else in danger.


Violet is no longer a threat to Jason, but that doesn’t mean he is out of harm’s way. With Sookie now on Mr. Gus’ radar, the Yakuza could track down the youngest Stackhouse and use him as leverage.


The Yakuza threatened Pam once … and they can do it again. Since Mr. Gus doesn’t truly trust Eric, we can see him holding Pam as an insurance policy – and staking her when Eric fails to play by the rules.


Will Lafayette ever get his happy ending? He may have been able to find love with James, but nothing good ever lasts in Bon Temps. A key player from the start of “True Blood,” Lafayette may find himself in a dangerous situation after wrapping up his storyline with Lettie Mae and Tara.

The immediate assumption is that an original character is going to die. But perhaps “True Blood” will spare the tears and instead send a character off without dying? The show did that once before with a main character – Hoyt. Viewers will remember that after getting his heart broken by Jessica in Season 5, Hoyt asked her to glamour him and wipe his memory clean of her and Jason. Jessica did just that, and Hoyt left to pursue a job in Alaska. Hoyt was missing throughout Season 6, but returned to Bon Temps in episode 7 with his new girlfriend, Brigette.

Perhaps the TV Guide teaser is simply referring to Hoyt leaving town again? Or perhaps Sam will make the decision to leave his position as the “Mayor of Crazy Town” and follow his pregnant girlfriend, Nicole, out of the Bon Temps?

Episode 9 of "True Blood" will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 17, at 9 p.m. EDT. Do you think a character will die in episode 9 of “True Blood”? Or will someone simply leave town for good? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.