Only two episodes remain in the seventh and final season of “True Blood.” Episode 9, “Love Is to Die,” will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 17, and fans certainly won’t want to miss it … especially with an original character rumored to die.

To briefly recap episode 8, “Almost Here,” Eric was cured of Hep-V after drinking Sarah Newlin’s blood. The Yakuza decided that she was worth more alive than dead, and began synthesizing her blood to sell their new product – NooBlood. However Mr. Gus exposed his greedy side and revealed to Eric that while the scientists had successfully recreated her blood, they had no plans on releasing it to the public anytime soon. Instead, the scientists were working on tampering with the product to make Hep-V vampires dependent on drinking it – tripling their money.

Lettie Mae’s storyline with Tara was wrapped up in episode 8. Fans learned that Tara wanted to apologize to her mother for being involved in making her father leave. Violet’s storyline concluded as well when Hoyt busted into her mansion and shot her in the chest with a wooden bullet. He managed to free Jason, Jessica, Adilyn and Wade from Violet’s torture chamber and reconnected with Jessica – but he had no idea it was his ex.

Since Sookie and Bill made up (and hooked up), Sookie promised to stay by his side until the very end. But after discovering that Eric was cured, Sookie made it her mission to get the cure for Bill. After an almost deadly run in with Mr. Gus and the Yakuza, Sookie managed to break into Fangtasia’s basement and find Sarah. In the final moments of “Almost Here,” Sookie dragged Bill to Fangtasia’s basement … however he refused to drink the cure.

According to the synopsis for episode 9, Sookie will “retreat in confusion.” And while the synopsis doesn’t address why, it’s safe to assume that it has to deal with Bill’s choice regarding the cure.

Meanwhile, Sam will finally make a choice. Fans will remember that his pregnant girlfriend, Nicole, gave him an ultimatum a few weeks ago. She told Sam that she was leaving the crazy town of Bon Temps and that he could either go with her and be a part of the baby’s life, or stay and lose them.

Elsewhere, Jason will exercise “uncharacteristic restraint” – perhaps with Hoyt’s attractive girlfriend, Brigette. And Eric will face a dilemma “after being caught in a lie.”

Photos from "Love Is to Die" also tease that Jessica will come face-to-face with James for the first time after his hookup with Lafayette. And that Hoyt will still be in town with Brigette for at least a little while longer.

Could Eric and Pam’s involvement with Sookie put their lives at risk with the Yakuza? Only time will tell. Episode 9 of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 17 at 9 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “Almost Home”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.

True Blood Hoyt and Brigette in episode 9 of "True Blood." Photo: HBO

True Blood Lafayette in episode 9 of "True Blood." Photo: HBO