True Detectives season 1 episode 7
Who do you think is the Yellow King of "True Detective'? True Detective

“True Detective” is one episode away from revealing who the Yellow King is during the HBO series’ season finale. With that said, fans of the psychological thriller, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, are trying to crack the case before Cohle and Hart. But in order to do that, viewers of the show will have to work together in order to piece every bit of evidence leaked throughout the past six episodes. From blatant clues to hidden messages, fans are turning over every stone hoping they can figure out who the Louisiana murder(er) responsible for the deaths of multiple women and children is/are.

We’ve talked about our theories regarding Hart’s daughter Audrey, but now we're going to dive into who we think the Yellow King actually is. Our prediction is it’s not one person whose been sacrificing Louisiana natives, but a group of killers. It all starts with the 5 Horsemen Theory; while visiting Dora Lange’s mother, we can see a photo of a young Lange posing with five masked men during a Mardi Gras celebration.

That photo then became a theme for the rest of the series. The number would haunt us throughout each episode as we watched Cohle cut his beer can down into five metal men, and again when Audrey positioned her naked Barbie on the floor surrounded by five clothed dolls. Not to mention, doesn’t the symbol of a star have a pretty significant meaning within “True Detectives”? With that said, we think the Yellow King is the head honcho of the murders while the five horsemen are the ones who do his dirty work.

True Detective spoilers
Who is a part of the five horsemen in "True Detective"? True Detective

Speaking of dirty work, that leads us into our next clue. Remember the drawing we saw of the “Spaghetti Monster”? Doesn’t that scraggly, green creature look like someone we’ve seen? Fans are correlating the eerie drawing with Errol, the lawnmower guy who Cohle was seen talking to back at Tuttle’s school. Could this maintenance man be watching over the school for the Yellow King? We know Nic Pizzolatto has a reason behind every line spoken and every character introduced in “True Detective," so there must be a purpose for Errol mowing the abandoned school’s lawn.

True Detective spoilers
Is Eroll (the lawn mower man) the "Spaghetti Monster"? True Detective

Is this clue too obvious? We can see the similarities between the “Spaghetti Monster” and Errol -- you know, minus the green ears. What’s up with that anyway? Could that be a part of the “spaghetti” disguise? It almost looks like it could be a hunter sporting a camouflage ensemble.

What are your thoughts on Errol being a part of the five horsemen? Do you think he could be the “spaghetti monster” who chased the little girl through the woods? Let us know your theory in the comments section below and let’s try to blow this case wide open together!