An Uber driver dropped a 20-year-old college student on the side of the road after finding out that she was getting an abortion.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle on Saturday, the unidentified student, a sophomore at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, said she found out about it in March after her pregnancy test was positive. She stayed in bed for a few days and didn’t go outside unless she “absolutely had to.” She also couldn’t confide in anybody as she did not want to burden people with her “personal problems.”

On March 21, she decided to visit a doctor for a non-surgical medical abortion and accordingly booked an Uber ride.

“The minute I got into the car, there was inexplicable tension. My driver didn’t greet me or confirm my name or the destination; he was just silent. After a few minutes, he asked if we were going to a Planned Parenthood. I was confused about why he would ask me this, considering there was nothing in the address I put in that would suggest it was a Planned Parenthood or even near one. I said, ‘No, I’m just going to a doctor’s appointment.’ A few more minutes of uncomfortable silence passed. Then he asked, ‘Are... are we going to an abortion clinic?’ I was dumbfounded,” she said, adding that she felt uncomfortable and started crying.

“All the embarrassment and shame I had been feeling the last week or so rose to the surface. I looked at him pleadingly, silently begging him to stop,” she said.

The driver, however, went on to describe the abortion procedure in detail.

“I know it’s none of my business, but you’re going to regret this for the rest of your life. There’s so much they don’t tell you. You’re making a mistake,” the driver allegedly told her.

The destination was still 35 minutes away when the driver suddenly pulled over to the side of the road and told her to get down saying he couldn’t take her any further. She then got out of the car and called her parents several times but to no answer. She then called her boyfriend, who picked up on the first ring.

“As I called the three cab companies closest to me, my Uber driver waited 10 feet away, probably expecting me to go back to Ithaca with him. After about 15 minutes, he asked me once more if I wanted him to drive me back. Firmly, I said no thank you. He drove away, and about 15 minutes later a cab came,” she said, adding that she then visited the doctor and felt “incredible relief” as she was treated with dignity and respect at the clinic.

She also said that for a moment she thought about jumping out of the car while in motion, however, decided against it. She filed a police complaint against the driver and the company too apologized for the driver’s behavior.

“Uber comped my ride, and after telling them I filed a police report against the driver, a representative immediately got in touch with me and apologized for my experience on Uber’s behalf. He said they would launch an investigation,” she said, adding that the driver’s account was temporarily suspended during the investigation. After a few days, she received a call from the company saying the driver was permanently banned from the app.