• UFO expert Scott Waring claims to have spotted an alien vessel on Mars
  • Photo of the alleged vessel was taken near Curiosity rover's landing site
  • Waring believes the vessel was used by an ancient race of aliens 

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an alien vessel resembling a boat near the area where NASA’s rover landed on Mars. The expert believes that the agency selected the landing site due to the presence of the alleged vessel.

Claims about an alien vessel on Mars were made by UFO expert Scott Waring of the blog ET Data Base. In a recent blog post, Waring reported seeing a strange object in a photo shared by NASA through its Photojournal site.

According to Waring, the image features the area where NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars. After examining the photo, he spotted an object that was about a couple of meters away from the rover.

Waring noted that the object is shaped like a boat. He believes that it functioned as a vessel that aliens on Mars used for transportation. The UFO expert then claimed that NASA deliberately picked the spot in order to retrieve the alleged alien object.

“As you see in the above gif, the boat itself is just 3 meters away from the NASA rover landing spot,” Waring stated in a blog post. “That makes this a very suspicious landing location. Obviously NASA knew about this ancient boat structure and deliberately landed the rover in this location because then are on a secret mission to retrieve alien technology.”

According to Waring, the photo proves the existence of aliens on Mars. He believes that the alleged vessel belonged to an ancient race of aliens that once lived on the Red Planet. For Waring, this could be the reason why NASA selected the site as the starting point for the Curiosity rover’s mission on Mars.

“Originally I found this back in 2016 but recently realized that this landing location couldn't possibly be a coincidence,” Waring stated. “NASA never chooses a landing spot [randomly]. They put a lot of thought and detailed analysis into finding this spot. They knew about that boat structure and that it is a sign of an ancient alien village location.”

Although Waring used NASA’s photos in his blog post, the agency has not released a statement confirming or acknowledging his claims regarding the alleged alien vessel on Mars.

On ancient Mars, water carved channels and transported sediments to form fans and deltas within lake basins. Examination of spectral data acquired from orbit show that some of these sediments have minerals that indicate chemical alteration by water. Here in Jezero Crater delta, sediments contain clays and carbonates. NASA/JPL-CALTECH/MSSS/JHU-APL